THE BEGINNING Challenges & Solutions

Introduction :

DHB Oral Healthcare

Over the past thirty years DHB Oral Healthcare Ltd has been a leading supplier of oral hygiene products to dental practices across the UK and Ireland. We are already supplying thousands of dental professionals with a vast range of products, including oral hygien, surgery and aesthetics. DHB is part of the Pharmaceuticals Direct Ltd group, which has expertise in pharmaceuticals and veterinary as well as dental products.

Our strength lies in the fact that we are a specialist oral healthcare supplier and offer a full range of products including; Oral B, Colgate and GSK. We are also able to offer own brand products which are designed by dentists and give excellent quality without the premium price associated with a branded product.

As a leading supplier of Oral B, Colgate, GSK and other branded products, combined with the purchasing expertise of Pharmaceuticals Direct Ltd, DHB is able to offer its customers the quality and range of products they require, as well as very competitive prices in a growing market.

DHB is also committed to constantly improving its levels of service, having become the only national oral hygiene wholesaler to provide 100% dedicated telephone account managers thus giving us even greater market coverage and superior customer care.


When you look at the website DHB Oral Healthcare, you came to understand the database & the amount of products the company handling. It’s an E-Commerce Type and problem with the SEO of DHB Oral Healthcare are :

  • Large Amount of optimization of products
  • Lack of product descriptions
  • Lack of product reviews
  • A lot of duplicate product content

To increase such a High amount of E-Commerce product with a targeted traffic to achieve is not at all easy job. With that thing, we also need to make sure that we didn’t loose the existing customers & keep on acquiring the new customers.

These our biggest step or challenge in the SEO Industry to accept this challenge & be successful in it.

Can we able to do it? Let’s dig out below.


To be able to accomplish or target our bigger GOAL, we always have to put it in a smaller tasks.

Let’s see which type of strategy we have applied to achieved this target :

  • Find keywords what our customers are searching for
  • Site architecture based on our Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO to make sure our site are crawling efficiently
  • Local SEO to drive the traffic
  • Content marketing to drive original organic visitors
  • Measuring the success with Google Search Console & Analytics.

Final Results

After a consistent hard work, we have finally achieved the results that we are dying to see. Although, achieving results with such a Giant E-Commerce website is really a big deal.

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