THE BEGINNING Challenges & Solutions

Introduction :

Way2Advertize : Advance Amazon Trained E-Commerce Specialist

Mr. Krishna one of the best Entrepreneur when it comes to helping people earn money online through Amazon. He is the CEO & Founder of the company Way2Advertize

Way2advertize which started its operation in the year 2011 & today it’s one of the leading Group of Companies in India which beliefs in Empower ability for our Customers, Employees & Partners across the globe!

Way2advertize provides Entrepreneurship Opportunity with Top MNC’s Brand of India under Single Brand Name Way2advertize! This will help different Entrepreneurs to create a Bigger & Best Community of same Business-minded & make Successful Business.

Before the challenges, Let us brief you through the journey of how it started. Mr. Vishal is the Amazon Certified Partner & Taken training from Way2Advertize. That was the first interaction of the two big Giants.


Now Mr. Krishna helped a lot of people to make impact online through Amazon & helped them to start their journey. But somehow the reach level to Audience is not up to the Expectations & that’s when he got an idea to jumped it into the Social Media Marketing & putting up a branding Mark.

Second Sight Technology is the perfect place for them to start because of the Social Media Reputation. The biggest challenge that we both came across is how to reach the wider audience faster & connect with many people as soon as possible.

So we came in an Idea to go with the paid Ads through social media. The reason is very clear :

  • We got the Targeted Audience with using Paid Ads
  • We can Re Target the Audience that are already visited
  • Quicker Results


We started working on Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads through the various cities of India to promote the batches.

We have started working & dig out the competitor Ads as well.

Final Results

  • The Final Result is we started collecting the leads & fill out the full batch. The Campaign does so well that we started running campaign for all over India.
  • We are fortunate enough that during pandemic time we are also able to get the full batches.

Love From Clients

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