THE BEGINNING Challenges & Solutions

Introduction :

The Bentwood Chair Hire

The Bentwood Chair Hire specialise in Bentwood Chair hire for Weddings, Events, Meetings , Pop-ups, Fashion shoot and more. As one of the biggest importers and stockists of Bentwood chairs, we cater for both day hire, longer hires and sales.


When Bentwood Chair Hire Co. approaches the second sight technology & had a consultation call first with us.

There are major 2 challenges that has been a worried for us.

  • It’s a Brand new website
  • They need immediate sales to cover the marketing expense

Like every new website, Bentwood Chair Hire Co. has very specific & clear Mission & Vision. Ranking local keywords with a brand new website & with consistent sales is the Goal.

Now, Let’s find out how we have achieved it?


Though Bentwood Chair Hire Co. is a brand new website, we have focused & very laser focus on our Keyword Research part. It took around 3 Days to go through 16,500 Keywords to find our Dream 15 Keywords.

Yes, we call it a Dream Keywords because after researching we are very sure to get results with it.

Now, After finding our dream 15 Keywords , we have focused on the On page optimization, Specifically for the Meta Tags & Mobile Optimization.

After that we build very specific niche backlinks to boost up our ranking.

We have analysed the local competitors, Find about their offers, growth hack & many other details to beat them.

Final Results

  • After the consistent work for almost 3 Months, We have finally achieved the Rankings on our targeted location.
  • These SEO campaign is till date our best performed Campaign & Results are still on our office wall.

Love From Clients

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