THE BEGINNING Challenges & Solutions

Introduction :

Dog Training Beyond, LLC is a Poughkeepsie based company which provides training and behavioral rehabilitation for family dogs. They are certified professional dog trainer and behaviorist who provides training and behavioral rehabilitation for family dogs.

Main Agenda of the Dog Training Team want families to completely enjoy their lives with their dogs, whether you got your new dog from a breeder or shelter. They just love dogs and love teaching and helping people, and they GUARANTEE that their training will work for your dogs.


Inspite of doing a good intention & initiative, Felix wants to increase their visibility online. They want to help as many people as he can but somehow their online reach is not expand up to the level that he visioned.

Felix, got contacted Second Sight Technology to establish their brand reputation on Google.

We have choose 30 local keywords with a good Cost Per Click (CPC) & also agreed to run an Facebook Advertisement for the same keywords.


We have utilized SEO keyword selection to delicately incorporate best suitable keywords in the content, and hence increased the visibility of the site.

Streamlined pertinent promotions and utilized different ad stages to create quality leads. Engaged the community of like-minded Dog Trainers with helpful contents and sharing links on Social media platforms to increase organic traffic.

We have gone through the each & every competitors on the same targeted region that we have targeted & started approaching to those websites to put ourself ahead of the competitors.

To go more specific with our targeted audiences, we have run Facebook lead Ads to capture the leads with specific Audience age & interests.

Less Page Views

Increased Page Views

EASY STEPS Our Working Process


01. Research Project


02. Find Ideas


03. Start Optimize


04. Reach Target

Final Results

Out of 30 Keywords , currently 20+ keywords are ranking on the first page of Google.

We have successfully captured around 100+ leads with using our Facebook Ads in just 15 Days of time.

87% growth in Organic traffic
No.1 rankings for Multiple keywords

Increased average page views

138 %

Increased Length of each visit

77 %

Increased Organic traffic

87 %

Decreased Bounce Rate

36 %

Love From Clients

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